DirNour&Co is one of the leading law firms in Private Sector Development in Sudan. With a team of highly trained professionals & a collective experience of more than 45+ years, we have provided legal advisory services across multiple practice areas, the investment sector’s venture capital, Mergers and Acquisitions, equity & project financing being among our main focuses.
Being a Khartoum based law firm means we are able to use our local knowledge and expertise to bridge the gap between foreign businesses and Sudan.
By doing so, we are creating the initial landing base for diverse industries ranging from Agriculture, Energy’s OIL-GAS & Mining, to Construction & Infrastructure just to name a few.
Since our launch, we have worked with clients of different backgrounds & sizes, each entrusting us with their business legally & strategically while forming long-lasting relationships built on trust & excellent work ethic. This led us to become the centre-point.
Considering ideas are everlasting in motion, part of our mission is to advise on the legal structure of micro, small & medium-size enterprises.
In doing so we hope to boost these businesses & help in the establishment of a strong and sustainable base for startups.
We aspire to live up to our vision of crafting international best practices to accommodate your legal needs in Sudan.
DirNour&Co. Law Firm – Legal Professionals. Innovative Approach.

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