Mr. Ahmed Eldirdiri

Mr. Eldirdiri is an experienced Sudanese lawyer and corporate advisor with more than eleven years of practicing experience. A bilingually qualified legal practitioner with expertise in corporate counselling, arbitration, and ADR.

Graduated from the Law School at the University of Khartoum. Being skilled in both common and civil laws after working abroad, Ahmed has drafted, reviewed and advised on massive and complex transactions across the GCC and Africa.

His expertise lies in corporate commercial law with a focus on private sector development initiatives and the contracts field with high-end diligence on risk assessments and cost minimization.

He is a construction/infrastructure specialist with a keen ability to provide timely advice to clients and meet deadlines in quick-turnaround events. Through establishing DirNour & Co. Law Firm in early 2018, Ahmed managed to represent clients in comprehensive investment transactions in Sudan, earning the trust of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, which led to the receipt of honour for being appointed as Legal Counselor and a Board Secretary for a number of those businesses. Ahmed believes in initiatives that aim to create a safe landing zone for international businesses in Sudan and re-connect Sudan with the international community through enriching the Sudanese investment ecosystem.


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