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Sudan Overview
Following decades of political and economic turmoil, the Sudanese revolution of 2019 has paved the way for democracy and a new economic era.

The transitional government has made considerable progress in placing Sudan within the international community after years of isolation. The improved political outlook and the United States removal of Sudan from the States Sponsor of Terrorism List (SSTL), as well as lifting all other economic sanctions, will stimulate financial flows, benefiting growth across the country.

This is a historic step towards regaining Sudan’s presence within the international market and has opened many doors for both local and foreign businesses.

Throughout Sudan’s independent history, the country has been beset by internal conflicts that weakened its ability to play a leadership role in the region. The transitional period has allowed most parties to the conflicts to rebuild their trust in the government and conclude peace agreements that were unified in the Juba Peace Agreement of 2020.

Furthermore, the legal system has also witnessed gradual improvements, and new changes are anticipated to occur within the legal sector.

The Sudanese legal system is essentially a pluralist system derived from English Common Law, Islamic Sharia Law and customs. As entrenched in the Constitutional Charter 2019 and its amendment(s) in 2020, the transitional government has committed itself to repeal all laws and regulations that restrict basic rights and freedoms, and that supports diversity, inclusion and economic welfare


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