Employment & Immigration

The base of any business success is good communication and safe work environment to transform the employment relationship to a strong bond coupled with awareness and protection of rights for the employees and employers.

Any behaviour which fails to follow business processes, policies or regulatory guidelines can put any business or organization at great risk.

We provide the highest workplace compliance and investigations services to our clients to ensure the workplace culture is highly respected and maintained.

While some reported problems may be resolved quickly or with an internal investigation, we strongly believe more serious violations require expert intervention with a thorough understanding of the compliance investigation process.

Our investigation services cover all sorts of workplace violations; whether it’s fraud, harassment, ethical or monetary violation, we are able to provide a best-matched practitioner to your specific case.

We understand that immigration is intensely personal, and we reflect this in our advice and approach.

If you are an immigrant working in Sudan, or you wish to fly over foreign professionals to work temporarily in Sudan, then make sure to contact us for advice as we provide full immigration services, and we also advise on the use of non-Sudanese starting from acquiring visas through going for apartment hunt till we get you settled in Khartoum.

Our service spans through the entire employment experience, from initial employment contracts to the end of service payments and termination of services.

We are also capable of assisting our clients in drafting internal HR policies, code of conduct, grievances, disciplinary procedures and all other facets of compliance with local employment, insurance, taxation and more.


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