Governance and Policy Advisory

Our Governance and Policy Advisory Department advises on a variety of governance matters, ranging from private corporations and NGOs to public government institutions and associations.

We assist our clients in addressing and responding to governance challenges with firm policies and procedures meticulously developed by our team of experts while utilizing international best practices and providing guidance for policy implementation.

The Department also undertakes public policy initiatives in advising and supporting both public legislators/policy-makers, NGOs and civil society organizations across a range of legal issues.

We continuously provide our expertise and advocacy services on the ongoing process of reform of the Sudanese legal system.

We understand that taxation issues can be too complex and far-reaching for clients to handle without experts’ advice on the matter.

Thus, simplifying taxation processes is one of our essential goals. We make sure our client’s affairs and operations are smoothly run by our tax and business planning services for individuals, all types of corporations, partnerships, NGOs and non-profit organizations. Whether it’s corporate and business tax or employment-related taxes, we will walk you through it with optimum ease and simplicity.


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